The 5 Days Argentina Stock Markets

The Argentina Stock Markets on Last 5 Days

May 28, 2020
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The charts below are showing the index values of Argentina Bolsar stock markets on the last 5 trading days. The charts are getting updated daily basis and they are reflecting Argentina investors’ moods on the those days.

The first 5 days chart is about index price changes (in Argentine pesos) of MERVAL or (MERcado de VALores). This is the main Argentina stock markets’ index followed in Buenos Aires and also outside from Argentina. It gets calculated by selected stocks depending on their market share amount, number of transactions and quotation price.

The Bolsar index chart below is about the MERVAL 25 and it represents a group of 25 listed companies with basis of the stock market liquidity criteria.

The third 5 days BOLSA-G or BOLSA General chart is displaying an index value of all companies traded in Buenos Aires markets.

The following BURCAP chart is about Foreign Companies index and they are also included to MERVAL index price.

The following M.AR chart is about Argentine companies who are listed in “Bolsa de Comercio” group and it helps to follow better this trading business group.

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