The 10 Days Chile Stock Markets

The Chile Stock Markets on Last 10 Days

July 07, 2020
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The charts below are showing index price values of Chile IGPA stock markets on last 10 trading days. The charts are getting updated daily basis and they are reflecting last the Chile investors’ moods.

The first chart is about 10 days index price changes of IGPA. This is the general index followed in Santiago and also outside from Chile. This index measures price variations of the majority of the exchange’s listed stocks and it has 3 additional versions below based on a market capitalization-weight: IGPA SMALL, IGPA MED and IGPA LARGE.

The 10 days chart of IGPA SMALL is an index of selection of companies from IGPA list based on smallest market capitalisation ranking.

The IGPA MID chart below of 10 days is displaying companies with medium market capitalisation ranking.

The IGPA LARGE 10 days chart is about companies with largest market capitalisation ranking.

The following 10 days IPSA chart a selective stock price Index that is composed of the 40 most heavily traded stocks.

The last INTER-10 chart of 10 days is a volume weighted index based on the 10 main Chilean companies listed in foreign markets through ADRs.

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