The 5 Days UK Stock Markets

The UK Stock Markets on Last 5 Days

May 28, 2020
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The following charts are showing the last 5 days’ index values of the UK stock markets. The charts are getting updated daily basis and they do reflect latest the UK investors’ moods.

The first chart is about last 5 trading days’ index changes of FTSE 100 market and this market is the UK investors’ favourite. You can find many sites and trading tools following this market index because it has the lowest risk level per possible highest gaining.

The second index chart is 5 days of FTSE 250 market cap and companies that are listed into this ranking group have bigger capitalisation than the first group above like WIZZ AIR, AA PLC, IP Group plc and etc .

The FTSE 350 chart is displaying companies with biggest market capitalisation ranking.

The following two charts are about the small capitalisation companies called AIM. The first of them is AIM UK 50 market.

The second AIM chart is about all day changes of AIM 100 market.

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