The 5 Days Spanish Stock Markets

The Spanish Stock Markets on Last 5 Days

December 08, 2019
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The following charts are showing the last 5 days’ index values of the Spanish stock markets up to last trading day. The charts are getting updated daily basis and they do reflect latest the Spanish investors’ moods.

The following 5 days’ chart is about index changes of IBEX 35. The index value may give some hints about the market situation. You can use this information to decide about your next move.

The second index chart is about IBEX Medium market capitalisation ranking companies. The charts may look similar sometimes but it does mean they always will be so. It would help to analyze the current capitalisation moves.

The third IBEX chart is displaying last 5 days moving for companies with small market capitalisation ranking. Once you have chosen a company to follow or to buy make sure you know the exact market it belongs to.

The following four charts are about companies per certain area. The first of them is IGBM index market of Madrid. You should be able to determine your company location and the certain area may reflect some political or geological problems.

The BCN MID 50 market shows Barcelona’s company changes.

The following is Bilbao market chart with all day index changes.

The IBEX Valencia is the last market chart.

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