Online Trading Sites In Spain

Online Trading Sites In Spain

February 17, 2020
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Online trading site (in English “to save“) is only for users who can speak Spanish because there is no option to switch the language on English. It is important to know that most Spanish online trading sites are providing news only in Spanish language and you need to be able to understand some basics to through there. The good thing is about Spain is that Spanish language has quite direct saying and you don’t have to take a guess while reading the news about if it is a bad thing or a good.

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To open an online trading account with you can do it via an online form and to avoid money laundry the Spanish government has set some rules for additional papers that you would need to send over to Ahorro by mail. The online form to fill in can be found on the left side of the main page with name “Hagase Cliente” or you can click on this link to get there.

Before opening an online trading account with them you should know that you can choose between 4 types of trading accounts. The fist three are for a personal use and the forth is for a business use. You can find the trading rates and fees for the accounts on this link. Ahorro online trading accounts have a yearly tax, but since the Spanish trading has dropped on the last few years they offering to open an account without the yearly tax for next few years (January 1st 2012). It would be wise before opening an account with them just confirm all conditions with them again.

Next about the account options. The first personal online trading account is AC DINAMICA. This account is more dynamic for less active stock broker. The first transaction in every month is for free and rest of them will get charged as 0.05% monthly per amount. There is a minimum amount is 1.66 Euros per portfolio in a month. The maximum amount they would charge you is up to 60 Euros per portfolio in a month.

The second personal trading account is AC ACTIVA. This is for more active online stock broker and it does not have any transaction fees if you are trading more than 20 times in three months. Otherwise you will need to pay additional fees.

The third personal account is AC FONDOS and this is to operate with funds. The fees are the same as for the personal online trading account AC DINAMICA.

The forth account is a business online trading account named AC EMPRESA. To get more information about the fees you need to contact with them by yourself.

See also: Start traiding with the online trading site has a Windows trading tool and you can try their demo version.

Online trading site has minimum trade commision 14 USD  and you can try their demo version.

Site for Europa has min transaction size 5000 USD and you can also try their demo version of their trading site.

Another online trading site This web has an English version too, so you can do trading in English.
To read Spanish share news and real-time rates from Madrid use this site:


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