Where To Find A Stock Market Report?

Where To Find A Stock Market Report?

May 28, 2020
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On the previous chapter Stock Broker went through investment ideas and how to open an account with the online trading sites. Now on the stage you would need to understand a stock market report and where to find it.

While your online trading account is in opening progress we are going through how to understand the current stock market situation and how to read the stock prices. All the stock market information is available on the site where did you open your online trading account but it’s more readable and easier to follow on the public stock market reports.

This is very import that you would follow the stock market reports and news. It is even more important than to follow your own share rates. For example before to sell or buy your shares you will need to know general stock market news and your company news and details. Once you have a picture of the current stock market situation you can start reading the charts and the historical information about shares. We do recommend to see information about a company up to 5 years ago and how has been moving the share price on the charts.

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To read a stock market report Stock Broker recommends web site named ADVFN.com where all information are very well organised and quite detailed. You can sign up for a free account to get all basic information you would need to analyse almost every company and if you are interested to go more deep there is an account with monthly fee. The paid account will become very hand for a professional trader, because you can see stock movements in real time.

In addition, Stock Broker recommends the links below for getting more information about share rates and stock market news. Sometimes the information can arrive on one page earlier than other ones, so always check more than one stock market report to avoid buying stock in incorrect time. Timing is the most important thing in your share trading process so it’s better get your self a habit to visiting more than one source before buying any share.

You can start with the following list to see the stock market reports and news:
Yahoo Finace
Share Cast
Digital Look

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